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Code Of Conduct


At GGR we constantly maintain a high standard of training and professional development for our contractors and employees. GGR believes that through the continual training and development of our personnel we maintain the highest level of professionalism and are ready to take on any complex challenge.


As a company mitigating the risk against individuals and organisations in hostile environments, it is important that GGR respects these risks. This then ensures that we respect the client and their requirements, respect the need for confidentiality, and respect the employees and personnel deployed to defend against that risk.


In order to ensure transparency, accountability and responsibility, GGR aims to ensure that accountability is at the forefront of our minds when working with our clients and contractors. We therefore strive to guarantee that our work is transparent, honest and diligent.


At GGR’s foundation is the mission to provide high-quality yet cost-effective services through an overarching framework of professionalism, integrity and attention to detail. We achieve this by keeping ahead of the industry in terms of licensing and compliance and by employing people with vast experience in all the sectors we operate in.

GGR is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact and we embrace their core value of Human Rights, Labour Standards, Environmental Considerations and Anti-Corruption Practices in all our worldwide operations. We are also members of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers, the ICOC, another body with the aim of providing a set of industry standards based on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law.


GGR acts with integrity throughout its business and project development, operating not only within the law, but continually striving to ensure that GGR employees and personnel promote professionalism and ethical business practices in all aspects of their work.


At GGR we constantly review how we can better our quality of service, maximising the realisation and where possible exceeding our clients’ objectives. Quality remains at the forefront of our offering, delivering a high quality service in a cost effective manner.


Due to our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact and international law, GGR maintains a fully transparent and legal service offering when operating and delivering projects in emerging markets and developing countries.

Human Rights

Human Rights and local stakeholder engagement is key to our product offering and GGR is a firm believer that a policy of integration and the inclusion of the local population benefits all parties involved and offers countries the opportunity to grow alongside us.

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